EFT for Yourself

These workshops will introduce participants to Clinical EFT, teach the complete technique, practice during the day, and provide evidence for its efficacy. Handouts will be supplied, as well as further resources and reading.  These trainings are delivered by Dr Peta Stapleton, Australia’s leading EFT researcher, academic and presenter. The aim of the workshops is to enjoy the technique, have fun and learn something new!

The workshops are practical, hands-on and entertaining! See www.petastapleton.com if you are a lay person wanting to train in EFT, for dates and details. See www.evidencebasedeft.com if you are a health professional wanting to learn EFT.

EFT in the Classroom

This is our program designed for teachers to learn how to use EFT in everyday situations at school. It is primarily an online program, although in person trainings occur when there is demand.

The program covers the basics of EFT and how to apply to common academic, social and peer concerns – if you are new to EFT, you will easily learn the technique.

Tapping in the Classroom is an evidence-based program designed to give teachers, school guidance counsellors, psychologists and parents an effective tool to help children overcome stress, anxiety and behavioural challenges. Our trials have found these issues are common in classrooms: anger, anxiety, bullying, perfectionism, judgment, morale and motivation.