EFT for Yourself as a Teacher

This training is especially for health professionals and educators to learn Clinical EFT, which is the version of Tapping tested in clinical trials worldwide. This 3-day training is delivered in person and includes how to use Tapping for a variety of common concerns, allows plenty of practice during the days, and provides all the evidence for EFT’s effectiveness. Handouts are supplied, as well as further resources and reading.  These trainings are delivered by Dr Peta Stapleton, and her team of Evidence Based EFT Trainers in Australia, the United States and Canada.

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EFT in the Classroom

This is our program designed for teachers to learn how to use EFT in everyday situations at school. It is an online program, and designed to teach EFT / Tapping for someone who is brand new to this technique.

The Tapping in the Classroom online training is an evidence-based program designed to give teachers, school guidance counsellors, and parents an effective tool to help children overcome stress, anxiety and behavioural challenges. Our research trials have found these issues are common in classrooms: anger, anxiety, bullying, perfectionism, judgment, morale and motivation.

This online program covers the essentials of Clinical EFT, the version tested in research trials worldwide, and how to apply it to these common academic, social and peer concerns. Teachers will experience the technique first hand as they are guided through 8-modules online with Dr Peta Stapleton, Australia’s leading EFT researcher and academic.

This is being released in January 2018.