Tapping When You Don’t Feel Confident

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Do you have something coming up where you have to audition, or try out for a team, or even sit an exam and you are just not feeling 100% confident about it?


In this video today, I share a tapping script that can help you feel more confident to just do the best you can.

And remember, if you are feeling worried, anxious or stressed always talk to your parents, a teacher or a school guidance officer to help you.

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Tapping for QCS

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As Queensland Year 12 students begin preparation for QCS Tests, here is a tapping video with a bit of a difference.  Whilst teachers do a great job in preparing students for these assessments, some kids feel anxious due to the impact the cohort results may have on their results.

Here is a video to help, and also a bonus at the end on how to do ‘finger tapping’ to do whilst the assessments are taking place

Tapping When You Feel Worried

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Many things can make us feel worried. Perhaps worrying about how you will do on an upcoming test.  Perhaps you feel worried about being chosen for the sports team, or even just feeling worried because you have lots of homework


In this video today, Sally shares a tapping sequence to help the worry feel a little bit better. But always, if you are feeling worried, make sure you speak to one of your parents, a teacher or a school guidance counsellor, who can help you.

Tapping for When your Friends make you feel sad

Tapping When Friends Make You Feel Sad

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Sometimes, friends make us feel sad.

Perhaps you have had a disagreement, or perhaps your friend has been mean to you.

Tapping can help you to feel better, and in this video today, Sally shares a tapping sequence that can help you.

Remember to always talk to an adult, your parent or your school guidance officer, if the feeling of sadness is overwhelming.

Tapping in schools

Tapping in the Classroom – Creating Results!

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Children across the world are experiencing the benefits of Tapping. In this video, a teacher shares his experience of the benefits of Tapping with his students.

EFT is a modality that can help kids of all ages to reduce stress and anxiety and increase academic achievement. The possibilities are endless!

Have you tried tapping with your children? Let us know how they respond.


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